Cowboys Green Pants

Here’s the real reason behind the Dallas Cowboys’ mismatched uniform colors | FOX Sports

Dallas Cowboys Uniform Change Crisis!!!

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cowboys pants

Look closer …

… wordmark …

Cowboys: They wear a white helmet with their throwback, but what’s more annoying is the helmet and pants are different shades. Simple solution.

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Silver helmet, but greenish silver pants * Black outlines around the sleeve stripes for no reason

Cowboys Green Pants

That’s a Dymo Tape name label, which has been a Cowboys visual signature for years — all …

First they start wearing blue at home, now they’re wearing white pants with blue jerseys? What’s next?

… blue-green-silver pants …

Cowboys Chiefs Sep 15 2013

This uniform is iconic, especially since the Cowboys wear it in nearly all of their games. The reasoning for this is unique in itself.

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Pants – – Part 816

Minnesota Vikings (purple) at Dallas Cowboys (white/silver-green)

Cowboys Blog – Takeaways From Cowboys @ Chargers Week 1 Preseason Matchup

The ‘boys will sport their “50” patch all season, and looks like their pants still have that greenish hue. And the Raiders are still the black and silver, …

Dallas Cowboys: New uniform combination against Giants | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys

the blue on the jersey and pants. Numbers on the shoulder are a bit large.

Cowboys want rookies who won’t ‘pee their pants’

This to me was the cowboys best look with darker blue numbers and socks that are close to the cowboy star color.

Dallas Cowboys Changing Uniforms?

… along with the Cowboys using their throwbacks and the Giants’ retro white pants alternate, then it would be us.